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Why Tejoree?


Free for life account

Your account with Tejoree is free-for-life. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees.


Expert Advice

Tejoree helps you select mutual funds investment options that are best suited for yous.


Minimal paperwork

Investments are paperwork intensive. Let Tejoree take care of your paper work and logistics


Tax savings

Tejoree can help you save up to 40% of your taxes by investing in mutual funds and pension funds.


Greater earnings

As soon as you put your money to work, you will have a helping hand to support your normal source of income.


Financially secure future

Disciplined and planned investing is the key to a financially secure future

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Tejoree is Pakistan’s first online savings and investment platform and is managed by Akseer Research (Pvt) Limited. Akseer is licensed by SECP as Securities Advisor for Distribution of CIS (Mutual Funds)/ VPF units. (View License).

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Yes, investing in mutual funds through Tejoree is absolutely free. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. We also help you earn full waiver for Front End Load for all investments above Rs 500,000. In the case of mutual funds, we earn through trail revenue that we receive from the mutual fund houses or the Asset Management Companies. These are paid out of the annual fund management fees of mutual funds.

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Mutual fund transactions are made entirely in the name of the investor, and no money is retained by Tejoree on behalf of the investor. We only facilitate the investor in choosing the best mutual funds and handle the paperwork for making investments. When an investor makes an investment, the money is sent directly to the respective Asset Management Company (AMC) towards the investment though a crossed cheque in the AMC’s name. TEJOREE DOES NOT DEAL IN CASH INVESTMENTS.

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A mutual fund is a collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors. An asset management company (AMC) duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) invests the money on your behalf in securities or other financial assets for profits/gains and income.

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Knowledge Center

Gold – As an investment

Out of all the precious metals, gold is one of the most popular savings products.

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How to teach your child lessons about savings

Teaching children about the importance of money and savings might be a tough job for parents. But if a habit is developed at a young age, it is likely to.

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Physical Gold vs. Digital Gold

Since the old days, gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth and status. But technology has divided the purchase of gold into two forms; physical and digital. Now the best way to.

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Are you worried about overspending and not saving enough?

Every day we pay for numerous commodities. Some of these are essential like staple food, whereas some are luxuries

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